He started in Houston Texas where he got his apprenticeship at Dragon Mikes Tiger Johns in 1992. He had been doing them street wise for many years since he was 16 and the opportunity to finally become a professional. From there, Lobo wanted to expand his art expertise to as much as he could in efforts to expand his career in tattooing. He took courses in painting and art history, to computers and graphic design, to web design and animation. He then started his own website in oct. of 2000 (1) and traveled all over tattooing people and promoting bands and artists all around. He even Tattooed the former lead singer of Drowning Pool Dave Williams (a) before he passed on. Even to bodypainting models for Maxim Magazine in College Station Tx. (b) As being a early web designer and tattoo artist. Lobo had a idea of how to help artist promote themselves all around the world. He then made the online art community BODYARTTALK (2) in 2006. This was a site that brought the community to the artist along with company’s a opportunity to promote their products with artists as well. It also gave Lobo the idea of a Television show where artists could compete for 100 thousand dollars to see who would be the top tattoo artist in 2009, he got with a production company Run Jump Fly(a) with David E Groom (b) and produced a pitch video using artists such as Nate Beavers(from ink masters) Aaron(from ink masters) and Mark Longnecker (ink master) (c) (d) Some feel this show idea may have even been stolen in the process of being pitched in Hollywood. But this all ended after a tragic divorce in 2012 and all public assets where released and the business was dropped and the domain lost. Since then Lobo has made other businesses such as DamnedDolls mag (3) and now the new E-sports Pro gaming team DMF(4)

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Monday- Thursday: 4PM-1AM
Friday: 4PM-2AM
Saturday: 2PM-2AM
Sunday: CLOSED

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3743 S Texas Ave,
Bryan, Texas 77802

Ink Dreams Tattoo

3743 Texas Avenue South,
Bryan, TX 77802, USA


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